An emotional destination wedding in Cassis at the beautiful Domaine de Canaille.

Picture this: A French-American couple deeply in love, a stunning venue on the French Riviera, a romantic and elegant table decor, and an atmosphere so relaxed it felt like a dream. Reporting on the destination wedding of this kind and wonderful couple at the Domaine de Canaille, overlooking the breathtaking Cap Canaille, was an experience I’ll treasure forever.

A moving welcoming party at “Les Roches Blanches” (Cassis, France)

Prior to the Big Day, the bride and groom welcomed their families and friends by inviting them to share a drink at the prestigious hotel Les roches Blanches. The bride’s family came from Korea and the reunion was quite emotional and a lot of friends made the trip straight from the US.

The French Riviera as a perfect backdrop

The French Riviera, with its azure waters and lush landscapes, set the perfect backdrop for this luxurious and elegant wedding. The Domaine de Canaille, perched high above the Mediterranean, offered a view that was nothing short of spectacular. The venue, with its old-world charm, was the ideal choice for a refined celebration.

The day began with an outdoor ceremony overlooking the blue Mediterranean Sea. As I took in the panoramic views, I couldn’t help but shed a tear myself. The couple’s love story was beautifully told in their heartfelt vows, and their genuine emotion brought tears to the eyes of everyone. The backdrop of the French Riviera added an undeniable touch of magic to the occasion.

As I entered the reception area I was delighted by the romantic and elegant table decor. Delicate flowers, glass candle holders, and blue accents from a Korean fabric adorned each table. It was a setting fit for a fairytale, and the attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the decor.

Candlelight Dinner Under the Stars

The outdoor candlelit dinner was a beautiful experience. The warm glow of the candles illuminated the tables as guests enjoyed their dinner. With the sound of the waves in the background and the stars above, it was a dining experience that was nothing short of magical.

This was a celebration of love and joy, and the couple’s warmth and everyone feel welcome.

The speeches made by the father and sister of the bride were truly heartwarming. Their words brought tears to many eyes as they spoke about the couple’s love, their journey, and the hope for their future. It was a reminder of the power of family and the significance of this moment.

A chill brunch & pool party

After have slept a few hours, the newlyweds and their guests gathered by the pool for a brunch with a last glance of the wonderful vista the villa offers…

An Incredible Team of Vendors

A wedding of this magnitude couldn’t have been a success without an incredible team of vendors. From the wedding planner who meticulously coordinated every detail to the DJ who had the guests dancing all night, and the catering crew , it was evident that every member of the team had a shared commitment to making this day extraordinary.

Reporting on this destination wedding was a true privilege. It was a celebration of love, culture, and elegance in one of the most luxurious and refined settings I’ve ever witnessed. Everything came together to create a dream wedding.

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