A complete prep guide for a successful family session.


The right conditions

A kid well rested is a cooperative one

That goes without saying but it is a fact that a tired kid will not easily agree to cooperate with his parents, even less with a stranger. Make sure that they are well rested, fed, not too hot or cold. Put them in comfortable shoes and cute but not itchy fabrics. Kid can be really sensitive and if they are not comfortable they tend to be quite grumpy.

Pack a snack, don’t forget the security blanket and everything will go smoothly !


Coordinate the outfits

Be in tune with the tones

Although it sounds obvious, not everyone think about the little details that elevate the aesthetic of a picture. If you can try to stick to neutral colors .Go for off-whites, light beige, brown, black… Don’t be too matchy-matchy though. Mix and match those neutral tones. I alway love to watch at kids clothes campaigns to give me some ideas.

Besides, try and avoid bright colors as neon green, yellow, orange… All colors reflect on the skin and it can be really unflattering.

I will provide moodboards to guide you on that matter.



location, location !

The place you choose for your family pictures is of great importance. Either it is at home or outside, you need to be careful of the surroundings.

At home be sure to declutter the space before the session. A space that’s open and tidy is a great space to play freely and a great background to ensure pictures without unfortunate visual distractions.


Prepare the kids for what’s coming

Your children will for sure be intimidated at first and it’s good for them to know me a little bit before meeting me for the family session. Don’t hesitate to show them pictures of other families. Tell them that you are going to meet a friend for a gentle walk in the city/parc. Show them pictures of me with my family… If I appear friendly to them they will be more eager to meet your nice friend Keith.


Prepare for any contingencies

Pack extra clothes and shoes, you never know ! Have on hand something to clean little faces and hands.


Bring something you love to do as a family

Above all it’s important for your family pictures to take of the pressure of posing. Bringing with you something you do as a family, either it’s biking, playing ball, jumping rope… or running along your four-legged friend, will ensure to capture beautiful raw and unaffected momentS.


Be and play with your family

Finally, the thing with kids is to play during the session. Staying still and looking at the camera doesn’t bring the best of them. It can’t go on for too long. Having fun is a part of the experience and your family pictures will be so much more impactful if you do so. So… tickle each other, whisper silly things in your little one’s ear, use your monster voice and run wild. Ultimately, you will be tired but so happy at the end to have lived this moment.